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The Green Planet

BBC Natural History Unit | BBC 1

Narrator: David Attenborough

"Plants, whether they are enormous or microscopic, are the basis of all life, including ourselves. We depend upon them for every mouthful of food that we eat and every lungful of air that we breathe. The plants of our planet live remarkable lives, yet for the most part the secrets of their world have been hidden from us – until now."

— David Attenborough

The Green Planet was my big break into documentary time-lapse specialism. It was the first time I was completely and utterly dedicated to creating all of my own studio based nature shots. I was brought onto the production in early 2021, when it meant keeping to a strict bubbling of contact, so I was having to work completely solo on the largest variety of setups I had ever taken on. Thankfully I was armed with 8 cameras, 3 motion kits and the exceptional guidance of those truly at the very forefront of plant timelapse remarkability. The project still ranks highest as being the steepest of learning curves for me. Up until that point I had only focussed on one setup at a time. At the peak of filming on The Green Planet I had 6 individual setups all running at once. 

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