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Bears About The House

Broadcaster: BBC

Narrator: Andrew Lincoln

Starring: Giles Clark

Conservationist Giles Clark has a new challenge: he's helping to set up a ground-breaking bear rescue centre in the heart of South East Asia, and rearing sun and moon bear cubs of his own.


Bears About The House BBC Camera Operator

Bears about the House follows the story of Giles Clark, a conservationist whose hand rearing skills are second to none. I had already experienced how impressive his relationship with animals is while working on his previous series 'Big Cats About The House' and I was honoured to be asked to accompany himself and my Producer: Cherique Pohl to Laos to witness the initial steps in the rehabilitation of a delightful orphaned Sun Bear by the name of Mary. The name Mary is fitting, because the organisation 'FreeTheBears' that rescued her was founded by a lady called Mary Hutton. Now headed by Matt Hunt, Free The Bears works tirelessly to help enrich the lives of bears all over the world and tackle the illegal and despicable operations of bear bile farms. My role on this program was camera assistant and second camera.

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