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A Big Cats About The House

Broadcaster: BBC

Narrator: Andrew Lincoln

Starring: Giles Clark

Big cat expert Giles Clark embarks on his biggest undertaking yet in `Big Cats About the House': Running the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, which Giles hopes to turn into a centre of global excellence conservation.


Big Cats About The House follows the story of Giles Clark, a conservationist and big cat specialist, as he hand rears a baby jaguar and a baby cheetah... while also managing the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent that cares for over 50 big cats. The documentary also explores the charitable global efforts of the big cat sanctuary. I was brought onto the production in 2017 and practically lived at the sanctuary throughout filming. My roles was camera assistant and second camera, and I was also tasked with sound recording, DIT work and managing all the kit that was used on the production. Working on this program was an unbelievable privilege and an experience I'll never forget.

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