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I'm a highly experienced camera -operator, time-lapse specialist and a fully licensed drone operator. Plant time-lapse has always been a passion of mine and I currently have the studio space, multi axis time-lapse equipment and horticultural necessities, such as irrigation  and indoor grow lighting to create stunning plant time-lapses.

I thrive on location and managing all the technical aspects of documentary production. I'm very comfortable shooting PTC's, setting up and cross shooting interviews and I always strive to get that extra shot that really makes a sequence stand out. During my 7 years working in TV I've been lucky enough to work on some truly fantastic television programs.

I've always loved making films and I realise how important they can be for promoting professional content. It's clear that having high quality visual information, accessible to a wide audience is key to the success of  any organisation. If you've got a story, then I would love to help you share it.

Recent Project

Administr. de la nature et des forêts, Luxembourg



This project took over a year and a half in the making. 5 films about 5 completely unique Conservation Centres back in my home country, Luxembourg. These films explore, through a day in the life story arc, how each centre immerses its visitor and school classes in their cultural, historical and naturally significant landscapes. It was an absolute joy to undertake this project and an extra special delight to discover the really wild side of the country I grew up in. I hope you like them. 


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Film has the ability to capture the dedication of a business, the passion in a project and the ambition in an undertaking. That old phrase 'a picture tells a thousand words'..well I believe a film tells an entire novel. With over six years experience in television production, I'm extremely aware of how important good planning, strong story development and maintaining a safe work environment is when trying to capture the real nature/spirit of an organisation.

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I've been privileged enough to film numerous medical procedures, especially those in a surgical environment. I know how important it is to always be both sensitive to contributors during interviews/procedures and professionally aware while operating camera equipment in medical environments. 



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Filming music videos, dance performances and artists is always a lot of fun to capture. I like how an idea can run away with you in conversation and how a film can develop and evolve within the moment sometimes. I can comfortably organise a multi camera team for live performances, 

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