Richard was my researcher/camera op/timelapse/DOP/wingman/rock for around six months working on The One Show. He has an amazing eye for detail and great creativity that added enormously to every shoot we did. Richard goes beyond the call of duty to get those extra shots that turn a good film into a great film. - Darren New (Producer/Director Tigress Productions)




I'm a highly experienced camera operator, film-maker and time-lapse specialist. Originally from Luxembourg, I came to the UK to complete an undergraduate and masters degree in Wildlife Documentary Production. I feel the world is full of interesting stories and I would love to be the one to tell them!

I thrive on location and managing all the technical aspects of documentary production. I'm very comfortable shooting PTC's, setting up and cross shooting interviews and I always strive to get that extra shot that really make a sequence stand out. During my 7 years working in TV I've had the pleasure of working on some fantastic television programs.

I've always loved making films and I realise how important they can be for promoting professional content. It's clear that having high quality visual information, accessible to a wide audience is key to the success of any organisation. If you've got a story, I've got the means to tell it.

I find myself saying this quite a lot on shoots, usually before deciding to get up at silly o'clock to get that all important sunrise shot. The point is, whether it's getting up at 3am or trudging up a big hill completely laden with kit to get that better vantage.. the only way you're gonna know if the shot is 'worth it' is if you give it a go. 
Originally from Luxembourg, I came to the UK to learn more about Natural History Film-making. After my studies I beelined it to Bristol and have been working in TV Production ever since. I thrive on location and I pride myself on always striving to capture moments as beautifully as possible. Bottom line is "I love filming". Meeting people from all walks of life, the problem solving that every shoot throws at you and most of all... that tingly feeling you get when you know you've just captured something really special. 



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